More filming locations in Tallinn

risteily tallinnaanThere are a number of good locations to film for Amber in Tallinn. For instance the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin, a medieval church that stands at the top of the Toompea hill.

Kadriorg palace is a grand baroque palace built for Peter the Great in 1718 that now houses the Art Museum of Estonia’s foreign collection.

St Catherine’s passage is easily the most picturesque of Old Town’s streets. A half-hidden walkway that runs behind what used to be St. Catherine’s Church.

Estonian History Museum or the Great Guild Hall includes films and hands-on displays at this extensive museum show how Estonian-dwellers lived, fought and survived through 11,000 years. Definitely a place Amber Benson should check out.

Kohtuotsa viewing platform on top of Toompea hill offers nice panoramas of Old Town’s rooftops and towers against the backdrop of the modern city skyline.

Picturesque Town Hall Square has been the center of Old Town for the last centuries. Surrounded by elaborate merchant houses and, in summer, packed with restaurant tables, it’s a natural magnet for tourists.

Tallinnassa on paljon nähtävää. Oletko jo kokenut historilallisen museon, kauppatorin tai Kohtuotsan näköalatasanteen, josta on upeat näkymät yli Tallinnan vanhankaupungin. Risteily Tallinnaan Helsingistä on mukava tapa matkata Viroon tutustumaan nähtävyyksiin. Tallinnasta löytyy myös laadukkaita hotelleja ja kylpylöitä ja paljon shoppailumahdollisuuksia.

The ferry to Finland. There are a number of ferries that leave from the harbour to Helsinki and other capitals such as Stockholm.

Make the hard climb to the top of Tallinn’s iconic, Gothic St. Olav’s church, once it was the tallest building in the world!


Helsinki-Tallinna filming locations

Amber Benson is a screen writer and director. As a director she can choose filming location quite freely. For instance Tallinn or Helsinki is a nice and still quite unused location of big Hollywood productions or helsinki-tallinnasmaller independent films.

Beautiful locations in Tallinn include the market square in the center of old town, the old wall that used to surround the city and protect it from invaders, also the Kadriorg Park near the city center is worth mentioning. The park also has a stunning castle or mansion with stunning ceiling paintings, some statues and the outside of the mansion the park is lovely. Filming is best there on a weekday when there will not be a lot of people visiting.

Oletko lähdössä lomalle Tallinnaan? Risteilylomat Tallinnaan ovat helppoja ja edullisia pikkulomia, koska lahden ylitys kestää vain pari tuntia. Helsinki-Tallinna välillä kulkee useita laivoja päivittäin lähtien jo ennen kahdeksaa ja palaten takaisin kymmenen aikaan viimeistään. Voit valita Viking Linestä, Tallink Siljan tai Eckerö Linen laivoista.

Also one nice place is the ferry between Helsinki and Tallinn. The ships are legendary, where Finnish tourists go to Tallinn and back and also Estonian workers travel to Finland to work. There is a nice view when leaving Helsinki when the ships pass the Finnish castle, the fortress that was built a couple of hundreds of years ago to protect the city.

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Amber in Tallinn

tallinnan risteilyFinns have been in the majority of the visitors to Tallinn. However, nowadays, there are many more nationalities among the visitors. Specifically Japanese groups and Western Europeans have found the cosy little capital and its very affordable prices. There are also a number of American visitors, so Amber Benson would not find her self lonely there.

Tallinn is a city of many faces. You can find the very old hansatic old city with its cobbled winding streets, souvenir shops, medieval restaurants and old churches. There’s also the soviet-era side of the city woth its run down houses and bleak stern looking architecture, which is a interesting to see for Amber, I’m sure. Also there’s a more modern side especially near the harbour. Few examples are the Viru shopping center and a number of new hotels that cater for the ever growing number of tourists that flock the city.

Haluatko pienen loman Tallinnassa? Voit valita useasta erilaisesta risteilyvaihtoehdosta. Laivoja lähtee monesti päivässä Helsingin satamasta. Tallinnan risteily on kätevä ja edullinen tapa käväistä etelänaapurissamme. Voit käydä vain päiväristeilyllä tai viettää Virossa yön tai useammankin.

If Amber would be going to Tallinn she has a lot of options to choose from. There are boats leaving from Helsinki harbour every single day. Cruise to Tallinn is an easy and affordable way to visit our southern neighbour. You can go to Tallinn from a day cruise or spend there one or more nights.

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